What is there to say about me? I am 38, the aunt of perhaps the most adorable creature on this earth (ok I am bias and I may not say that of him once he reaches his teen years!) and share my life with two pooches, a lab and a jackhuahua. I am an agoraphobic and live with anxiety and depression disorders. On the plus side (for me anyway not so much those who have to navigate my living space) I am a complete and utter yarn addict. I love the stuff! if you could bathe in it I would – I love the colours and the endless possibilities for creating something new.

Crochet is my method of choice for knotting yarn, I cannot knit at all for some reason I just do not have the co-ordination!

I have always enjoyed crafting but was a late starter to crochet – but its like pringles once you pop!!…

I hope you find something in my little part of the virtual universe inspiring, funny, useful or just plain interesting – thankyou for reading and if you do commenting.

anonymouse x
anonymouse x

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m so pleased to have found someone else who crochets their way through anxiety! I’m not agoraphobic but am virtually housebound with an anxiety disorder and have depression and various other conditions too. You followed my blog earlier – In The Midst Of Madness so I popped across to find out who you are and what you’re about. I’m a total yarn addict too and have boxes of it everywhere as well as hundreds of WIPs and a future projects list that’s probably longer than I am tall. So pleased to meet you and I look forward to reading your blog and hopefully getting to know you more 🙂 Lots of yarny hugs! xxx

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    1. hello 🙂 good to meet you too 🙂 have just recently started colouring!! so had to check out your blog! crochet is my passion – it calms and helps so much both the anxiety and depression – not so helpful with the ocd but I can live with that haha – I look forward to reading more on your blog 🙂 xx


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