More bags and a trip to Aldi

My name is Anonymouse and I am addicted to making crochet bags!

I feel madly deeply and completely in love with my crocodile stitch rainbow bag – so much so that I made another smaller version out of the left over yarn from the larger project.


I then did something that horrified Mr Anonymouse…I went to Aldi – more specifically I went to Aldi for their hobby and crafting special buy day. I know I said in my last post that I am surrounded by wool. I know I promised family and friends that I would not buy anymore wool. I know I don’t need more wool.. but… It’s so squishy and such a good price and I did need!

I ended up buying two 400g aran balls of each of the following colours: Olive green, red and blue, four 100g dk balls in each of the following colours: grey, white, cream and brown (you can never have enough neutral colours!) and four 50g cotton and acrylic mix dk balls in each of the following colours: beige, mottled green and gold sparkle.

At £3.99 per ball of aran, £3.99 per pack of four for the dk and £2.99 per pack of four on the cotton/acrylic mix it would have been rude not to! In total I bought 34 balls for just under £50 – bargain!

I set to work almost immediately after I returned home on a third crocodile stitch bag using the cotton/acrylic mix gold sparkle. It took about 3 1/2 balls to complete which means even taking the cost of the lining material into account, I have made this beauty for about the same price as a large cappuccino at Starbucks!


Sadly the photo does not show the full effect of the gold thread that runs through the yarn but in real life it shimmers and sparkles.



Each of the bags has been made using the crocodile stitch bag pattern from my previous blog post here. The only difference is in the number of chains to start with and the width of the strap. For both the gold and smaller rainbow bag I started with 35 chains and for the strap I started with 6 stitches for the rainbow bag and 7 stitches for the gold one.

I took a small break from bags to make a pair of crocodile stitch gloves for my lovely friend Beryls birthday and then a break from the crocodile stitch entirely to make a Cheeseburger bag (pattern on its way)


Crochet wise it is back to the crocodile stitch bag this time using the mottled green cotton/acrylic from Aldi and season 5 of The Vampire Diaries.


What is on your hook at the moment?


Anonymouse x



My next project

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