Gnomes, Apps and Ewok Ears

2017 is already shaping up to be a great year for crochet. I turned 40 in December and was thrown the most amazing gnome themed party by my family – complete with old fashioned games, a feast fit for even the most discerning gnome, gnome painting (I am now the proud owner of my own gnome terracotta army!) and great company!

Over the years I have moved around quite a bit and each move has seen me lose a lot of treasured books, so for my birthday I asked for people to buy me a book – either one that they loved or one they thought I should read and write a note in it so I could have a library of good wishes – I am ridiculously grateful for all the books I received. What I was not expecting however was my secret gift. Yarn – lots and lots and lots of gorgeous yarn!

I already had quite the stash of yarn but I now have so much squishy, colourful yarny goodness there is literally no space left to store it – beautiful mohairs, soft chunkies, cotton, eyelash and every colour of acrylic dk you can think of!

My crojo has been completely rejuvenated!

I downloaded the amigurumi today app from the itunes store for inspiration and there it was 2017’s first project – the little lady doll!

She was a really fun and relatively quick project and though I say so myself rather cute 🙂



I was so pleased with the way she turned out I had to make another one!




The app has loads of gorgeous free patterns on it – there is a monkey and some adorable turtle coasters I shall be giving a go soon.


My next projects were for my nephews star wars themed 6th birthday party – a teeny yoda and a set of 6 ‘ewok ears’


The ewok ears were really simple to make – you will need…

Plain plastic or metal headband

Brown wool (i used stylecraft alpaca dk in bark)

corresponding hook (i used a 3.5)

Eyelash wool in browns (i used yarn from my birthday stash which was unfortunately without a label but any brownish colours will do)

Yarn needle and scissors.

For the head band I crocheted 6 sc into a magic ring and continued to sc around until the whole of the plastic headband was covered and sewed in the ends

for the ears: Make 2

rd 1: 12 dc into magic ring ss to close

rd 2: 2 dc in each stitch around ss to close

rd 3: *hdc in first dc, hdc twice in next* repeat around ss to close. leave a long tail for attaching to the headband

rd 4: switch to eyelash yarn and sc in each stitch around. ss to close and weave in ends

sew the ears with the tail you left from rd 3 to the head band


As a ‘palette cleanser’ after all those ewok ears my next project was a little tissue travel pack cover using a pattern from Popsdemilk which you can find on their fantastic blog (love love loving the socks!) here



After the tissue cover I was ready to tackle something a bit bigger – I love rainbows and I love bags and since learning the crocodile stitch for the fingerless gloves I decided to make a rainbow crocodile stitch bag using Scheepjes cotton 8.



I am in love!! its sooooo pretty – took a while to complete mainly as the cat will not let me crochet in his presence – but I am ridiculously pleased with it. I am currently writing up what I did and should have a pattern for the bag up on the blog shortly


Hope everyone has had an awesome start to 2017


Anonymouse x


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