Mad about Mushrooms an upcycling adventure!

I am dotty about toadstools, ever since I picked up a crochet hook rainbows, dragons and toadstools have dominated my makes. Weird considering I cannot stand mushrooms as a foodstuff, but to decorate my house – love em!!

I am also fond of lamps – I think I inherited it from my grandmother. She would never have the overhead lights on instead once ‘the sun was over the yard arm’ a whisky would be poured and the lamps she had dotted around turned on, illuminating the room with a soft warm glow.

So what better way to add a little warm glow to my room than with an upcycled lamp of my own? and why not add a little toadstool twist?



An old tired lamp (mine was from a carboot sale Β£2) one with a sturdy shade is best.

Some red wool – I used about half of one of the balls my mum had brought home from the Netherlands, it is slightly thicker than a stylecraft dk but not quite as thick as an aran and cost 0.99 euros, bargain! the brand is Royal.

Some white wool – I used some of the left over stylecraft aran from the fruit slice cushions

A 4.5 and a 4 crochet hook

Darning needle



measuring tape.


hdc = half double crochet

ss = slip stitch

dc = double crochet

sc = single crochet

Increase = 2 hdc in same stitch

My how to…

To start I made a small sample to see what the gauge of the wool was. I chained 11 then hdc in the second ch from hook and every other chain to the end leaving me with 10 stitches, I then chained 1 turned and hdc in each stitch back again. I did this one more time leaving me with 3 rows of 10 stitches. I then measured my work. 3 rows = roughly 1inch and 4 stitches = roughly 1 inch.

I then measured around the circumference of top of my lampshade, the circumference of the bottom of the lampshade and the height of the lampshade.

Top = 13 inches

Bottom = 24 inches

Height = 6 inches.

Which meant that I could work out the following…

Number of rows = 3 x 6 = 18 (approx)

Number of starting stitches = 13 x 4 = 52

Number of stitches on last row = 24 x 4 = 96

Number of stitches to add = 96 – 52 = 44

So I now knew that I needed to add 44 stitches over 18 rows in order for the lampshade cover to fit properly.

I decided to have one row with increases and 2 rows without so that would mean 6 rows in total that would have increases in them.

Now 6 into 44 does not go evenly but 6 into 42 does. Acrylic wool has some ‘give’ in it so I figured thatΒ  I could lose those two extra stitches without it ruining the look. 42/6 = 7 which told me that I needed to increase by 7 stitches on each increase row.

Thats the maths part over hope it makes sense!

To begin!

Chain 52 using your 4mm hook – this way the top is nice and snug – and join with ss (careful not to twist) into the first chain.

If like me you cannot for the life of you manage to join without twisting it here is a little tip I saw on youtube (wish I could remember the name of the person who posted it!)

Chain the first 10 or so of your chains and insert the first chain you made onto the non hook end of you crochet hook


Then continue to chain the rest of your chains


Once you have finished the desired number of chains simply pull your yarn through the loop that you slid onto the end of your hook to create the circle. Voila no twist!!


rd 1 – Chain 1 (does not count as a stitch) and hdc in same space then hdc in each chain around ss in the top of the first hdc (not the chain 1) to close

rd 2 – chain 1 and hdc around ss into top of first hdc to close

rd 3 – chain 1 and hdc around – place 7 increases randomly on this row

rd 4 to 18 – repeat rows 1, 2 and 3

rd 19 – chain 1 and sc around ss in first sc to join, fasten off and weave in ends.

You should have a snugly fitting lampshade ‘glove’

Now for the spots!!

small: make a magic ring, chain 2 (does not count as stitch) and dc 12 times into the ring, ss into top of first dc to close, break yarn leaving a long enough tail to sew the circle onto the lamp, weave in the magic ring end

large: make a magic ring, chain 2 (does not count as a stitch) and dc 12 times into the ring, ss into top of first dc to join, chain 2 and dc twice in each stitch around, ss into top of first dc to join, break yarn leaving a long enough tail to sew the circle to the lamp. weave in the magic ring end

I made 5 large circles and 7 small ones


Arrange your circles on your lampshade, play around a bit see what is most pleasing to your eye!


then sew them on using the tails


And there you have your very own upcycled lamp – the ‘glove’ can be easily slipped off to wash if it gets mucky/dusty.

Some other lamp ‘gloves’ I have made include…

As always I hope that this tutorial makes sense πŸ™‚

anonymouse x
anonymouse x

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