Hooks and Hands

I have always enjoyed making things and at various times have devoted my crafting time to glass and ceramic painting, clay sculpture, painting, sewing and everything fake fur. I briefly attempted knitting when I was much younger but was an abject failure at it.

Then a few years ago when short of cash my sister bought me my first crochet hook and ball of yarn for my christmas present a bargain at 65p for the hook and £1.50 for the ball of yarn. Apart from my dogs they were probably one of the best presents I have ever been given.

Having been presented with my new hook and ball of yarn I quickly realised I was the Jon Snow of crochet – I knew nothing.

Youtube opened up my eyes to a whole new world of creation, who knew that yarn could be knotted in so many ways to create so many things?!! Or how addictive yarn could be? I was utterly hooked.


My first hook

That first hook was a pony aluminum 4.5 bog standard no frills hook and it served me very well as I began my journey into yarn addiction. I used it to crochet everything with reckless disregard as to what weight yarn needed what size hook, some of the resulting finished projects were erm…interesting…

As I began to learn more about different yarn weights and properties I was gifted with a zip up pouch of 22 aluminum hooks ranging in size from 0.6 all the way up to 6.5  – these were not expensive hooks less than £5 and freely available on amazon or ebay.

These hooks are what I like to think of as the cockroach of crochet hooks – bare with me – they will survive  anything!! They have survived the washing machine, being trodden on, my dogs, marathon crocheting sessions, being lost down the sofa and being set on fire accidentally.

Definitely value for money and show no signs of deterioration at all after several years of use.


This is the 3.5 version of the set in snazzy orange.

I started to find that I was getting a lot of pain from my incessant crocheting particularly when using hooks sized 4 and under.

Pro tip – slathering your hand in deep heat before bed or food preparation is not a good idea!!

I tried switching between projects that use different sizes of hook to see if that helped – which it did to an extent but did mean that I had a lot on the go at the same time and tended to not complete anything.

For a while my right hand was in a splint. I totally lost my crojo…

Then for christmas this year I was bought some arthritis gloves (medipaq brand)

Not the sexiest look I have ever rocked but they certainly do help to combat the pain. Though I cannot crochet with them on, wearing them during my crochet downtime has helped me regain my crojo.

The mixture of changing projects and wearing the gloves worked for quite a while but as I started to teach myself to crochet with cotton thread and smaller hooks my hands began suffering again. Until…

My most recent gift (I do have a very generous family) was a set of 9 hooks with soft grip rubber handles (£9.99 on amazon) and its like a whole new crocheting experience has been opened up to me! Why have I waited so long to have these in my life? It has taken a while to get used to holding the hook slightly differently but my pain has diminished greatly.


3.5 hook with soft rubber handle

The only downside to these hooks so far is my dog seems to think they are for her.

Whilst we are on the subject of hooks I was bought one of these last year

I wanted one to use when trying to make amigurumi with dark coloured wool as the light in my flat is almost non existent. Suffice to say the light really is quite bright and you can see the stitches a lot easier – however the yarn ‘squeaks’ when used with the hook which I find really irritating and I find it very difficult to make the stitches tight enough for the sort of item I want to make – for projects that do ok with a looser stitch the hook is great but for anything that is going to need stuffing it just hasn’t worked out how I hoped.

I mostly use it as a pretend mini lightsaber when I wish to amuse myself – I sit in my dark flat making sszzzzchummmming noises whilst waving it about – most satisfying!


So thats about it for this post about hooks and hands – whats your favourite hook? any tips for beating crochet related aches and pains?

anonymouse x
anonymouse x

4 thoughts on “Hooks and Hands

  1. About 20 years ago I wasn’t well – in and out hospital for 9 months. At that time to distract me my mom bought me a crochet magazine and a set of 10 aluminum hooks by Pony, from 2 to 5 mm (I knew how to crotch already, but needed some inspiration) . They have served me so well over those years, I now am emotionally attached to them and fear so much loosing even one…

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    1. ty for reading and commenting 🙂 crochet is such a great distraction when ill – yarn should be prescribable (is that a word?) hehe I know what you mean about emotional attachment – I could not bare to lose my first hooks either despite having replacements!


      1. I totally agree – crochet (and knitting) could/should be prescribed to those who are ill. Maybe, one day when my kids have grown and I have loads of free time, I will volunteer at some hospital, I have been thinking about that many times.

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